Boston Songstress Gin Mason Asks Was It ‘My Fault’

Smooth, Boston-bred lyricist Gin Mason releases her debut single, “My Fault.”

This jam has Gin reflecting on and questioning her actions in a breakup. “Was it my fault? Is some cue that I missed? / …Cause I wanna play wifey,” she reveals.

“My Fault” came to me at 3AM after completing a regular stalk of my latest almost-lover,” Gin exlplains. “I’m saying everything to the mic that reluctance won’t allow me say to him. “My Fault” is by all means a bad gyal/sad gyal anthem. It’s about accepting hurt and keeping it 100 with yourself, your wants and your needs.

Born and raised to Dominican parents, West Indian culture was a tremendous part of her upbringing and continues to play a large role in
her life. Though she was born and raised in Boston, Gin Mason absolutely considers herself an “island gyal.”

Growing up, Gin was inspired by timeless dancehall rudeness and sultry 90s R&B harmonies, her musical influences include Brandy, 702 and Craig David to name a few.

“My Fault” is the leading single from her forthcoming debut EP Navy Blue set to release some time this year.