[Premiere] Canadian Crooner Maurice Moore Promises To ‘Stay Up’

Ottowa’s rising singer Maurice Moore spent 2015 making a name for himself with buzz singles “My Girl,” “Like My Girlfriend,” “LOL” and “Ready.”

Today, he premieres with Singersroom a newbie called “Stay Up.” The song has the singer/songwriter/producer utilizing more flow than singing, as he chooses to remain positive in the face of drama and stress.

“And you know I’m gonna stay up, even if we’re not together, I’mma stay up,” he says on the bouncy track.

Moore has worked with the likes of Kehlani, Tyey Songz, Omarion, Wale, and R&B group Immature to name a few. Moore’s viral single “LOL” was also tapped as a sample for Chris Brown’s hit single “Liquor.”