Mélat Gives Love A ‘Second Chance’

Last we heard from Austin singer Mélat, she was looking toward the skies on “Mercury Retrograde,” now she’s back with a new one called “Second Chance” where she links with frequent collaborator, producer Jansport J.

The song was inspired by Valentine’s Day and the need to see and hear more love in the world.

She says:

“Normally we wouldn’t release a song for Valentine’s Day, but with all the bs going on, the world needs more stuff like this regardless of the day. So when Jansport J sent me the original ‘Valentine’ song that inspired him along with his fresh take, I also felt the inspiration and had to do it. No, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day of the year to show love, but sometimes, it can be a great excuse to try again. Maybe even send them something a little special to show them how you feel ;).”

I think Mélat’s husky vocals always mesh well with Jansport J’s soulful samples. Also check out their 2014 project Move Me.