Did Ray J Come For Kanye West AGAIN On His New Song, ‘Real Life Playa’?

Kanye’s verses on his song “Life of Pablo” has been stirring up the pot after he mentioned Taylor Swift in an unflattering way (“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. / Why? I made that (expletive) famous”).

Another line Kanye sprouted off was one against Ray J, who famously bragged he “hit it first” about dating Kanye’s now-wife Kim Kardashian before she got with Yeezy. “I bet me and Ray J would be friends if we ain’t love the same b*tch/ “Yeah, he might’ve hit it first / Only problem is, I’m rich,” Kanye says on “Pablo”.

Rap-Up says before Kanye released his song, he gave Ray J and even his sister Brandy the heads up, and they approved. Now, Ray J has appeared with a new song called “Real Life Playa” and according to reports, he’s coming for Yeezy with the line “Man, a ni**a feel good. And if I only had one wish, man, I wish a ni**a would,” Ray sings on the first verse of the twangy loop.

Doesn’t sound like a direct call-out to Kanye to me, but take a listen. What do you think?