In Celebration Of Valentine’s Day, BJ The Chicago Kid & Kendrick Lamar Locate ‘The New Cupid’

Right before Valentine’s Day, BJ The Chicago Kid gets frequent collaborator Kendrick Lamar to call out “The Real Cupid.”

Sorry, this isn’t a lovey V-Day song. Utilizing sample of Raphael Saadiq’s “Oh Girl,” BJ and Kendrick declare cupid is absent, and not the cute cherubic angel shooting people with love-dipped arrows.

“Cupid ain’t around these days… cupid’s too busy in the club, at the bar, rollin’ up / And if you see him let him know, love is gone,” BJ sings on the chorus before K-Dot adds his witty verse.

“The New Cupid” is from In My Mind, which finally has a release date of Feb 19th.