[Premiere] Malcolm Wood Is Just Trying To Keep It ‘Simple’

Today, Long Island singer-songwriter Malcolm Wood debuts with Singersroom the first single “Simple,” from his upcoming project, R&B Boy.

With Valentine’s Day on the way, this song is a reminder that genuine love shouldn’t be puzzling. Wood says with this song, he hopes to “remind lovers everywhere that love doesn’t always have to be so complicated.”

“Girl I love to love you / Don’t feel like I don’t, you did nothing wrong / Just trying to keep it simple / Treat you like my own, whenever you get home, girl ,” the chorus states before rapper Mike Edwards unleashes his rapid-paced flow.

Malcolm Wood grew up heavily involved in the B-boying scene, where he participated in numerous dance competitions. An energetic performer, Wood has opened for Mario, Cam Meekins and various other established artists. His passion for dance inspired the spirited and youthful vibe of his upcoming project R&B Boy.