[Premiere] All British Crooner Kane Asks Is That You ‘Don’t Be Shy’

Twenty-one-year old Kane has a mission: to be the savior of UK R&B. He’s gearing up for the release of his debut album, and “Don’t Be Shy” is the first single that premieres with us today!

“Don’t Be Shy” is a soulful jam that has Kane trying to coax a crush to open up to him. “Don’t be shy / so what if I’m the one you like?” he asks, his sweet vocals gliding over classic guitar riffs and warm bass line.

Throughout his youth, Kane pursued his dreams of the big screen, attending a theatre school and being in a short film ‘Winnie and the Duppy Bat’. At 17, he signed to independent label Urban Hit Factory and began working with producer and songwriter Marcus Beatz and Kane recorded his first EP, Dreams.

Kane’s  forthcoming album, Designed For Me, will show a more mature and unique Kane after he took a hiatus to reflect on his music.