Singer/Songwriter Haula Highlights Her Royal Nature & Cries Out For ‘Freedom’

Last year, Haula debuted her seductive single “Darkest Hour,” now she’s returned with a follow-up track titled “Freedom,” a rousing, triumphant cry for liberty.

The anthem features the Uganda-born artist chronicling her people’s journey from freedom to chains, physically and spiritually:

“I come from Timbuktu, born in the land of light, / where it all began, mankind and I / Freedom, don’t fail me now / My people, don’t fail me now / Freedom, don’t fail me now / Please, Lord, don’t fail me now” she sings.

Haula’s music draws from a myriad of disparate influences, including powerful female voices like those of Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone and Beyoncé. She fuses ambient pop together with Soul and African undertones. That, along with classical piano training, make for a truly unique sound.