Lip-Sync For Chaka Khan! Singer Holds Fan Contest For Upcoming Single “I Love Myself”

Living R&B legend Chaka Khan is getting her fans involved with the video for her upcoming single titled “I Love Myself.”

The song is about the importance of having confidence and practicing self-love, so Chaka wants fans to submit a one-minute video of themselves lip-syncing to the chorus of  the song (which you can download for free). The best clips will be chosen to appear in the video!

“It is important that in these troubled times we honor our own self-respect,” says Khan in an official announcement. “Beauty knows no boundaries and is accepting of us all whether black, white, gay, straight, physically or mentally challenged.”

A percentage of the profits of the digital single will go to Face Forward and Stomp Out Bullying, two organizations working with The Chaka Khan Foundation.

The contest starts today (Jan. 28) and ends on Feb. 19th.

Click HERE to learn the contest rules, download the song clip,  and submit your video!