Girl Groups Are Making A Comeback! New Trio, BrookeWell, Drops Single ‘Only One’

If it seems like girl groups are about to take over, you’d be right.

BrookeWell is the latest teenage trio to break out, and they’ve released their debut single “Only One” for the world to hear. The ballad is a throwback to the tender emotions evoked by the likes of Xscape and SWV. Matter of fact, ex- Xscape member LaTocha Scott can be heard on the background vocals.

On the song, members Natalie, 16, Mecca, 17 (both from Chicago) and Ammaya, 18 (from Los Angeles) sing of feeling unappreciated in their relationships.

“You can call me jealous, call me selfish, call me crazy / Cuz I treat you like my man but you don’t claim me as your lady,” the lyrics state.

The group was discovered by music industry veteran Rocky Bivens (who is known for managing some of the biggest names in music like Tamar, T-Boz, and R. Kelly) when they were spotted on YouTube singing their soulful rendition of V. Bozeman’s “What is Love.”