Jhene Aiko Schools The Players On Who Are The Real ‘B’s & H’s (B*tches and Hos)’

Jhene Aiko holds down all the good-women-done-wrong in her new song “B’s & H’s” (“B*tches and Hos”).

Produced by Fisticuffs, the song was debuted on the Beats 1 “Soulection” on Saturday (Jan 23) and calls out the deadbeat fellas who struggle to take care of themselves, while openly call women b*tches and hos and use them at their disposal.

Jhene calmly clarifies: “Just so you know, there is a difference between a woman, a bitch, and a ho…Let’s talk about all these n*ggas / They be the main ones be trippin’ / They be the main ones be actin’ like b*tches and hos, yeah you know that I know,” she sings on the freestyle towards the end.

Aiko is reportedly working on the follow up to her Def Jam 2014 debut LP, Souled Out. No word on if “B’s & H’s” is an official single.

Listen to Jhene tell off all the no-goods…