Family Affair! AngelGold Enlists Big Brothers Ty Dolla $ign and BigTC For ‘No No No’ With Cousin TeeCee4800

Following her previously releases “Can We,” “Get It On,” and “Business,” AngelGold returns with a new offering from her forthcoming debut HappyHours EP. This time it’s a family affair as “No No No” has guest appearances by Angel’s brothers Ty Dolla $ign and Big TC and their cousin TeeCee4800.

Produced by ShoNuFF, the slow-burning trap song has the fam squadin’ up against those who may have other intentions. “In case you’re not sure, I’m not impressed / People taking advantage, let’s put that to rest,” they resound on the hook.

Angel contributed vocals and writing to Ty Dolla’s song “Miracle” on his debut album Free TC, a project titled in support of their incarcerated brother Big TC. This marks the first time all three siblings unite on a song.

Following her upcoming EP HappyHours, AngelGold will drop another project AfterHours afterwards.