TLC’s Chilli Updates On Progress Of Kickstarter Album: “We Finally Have A Name For It”

Lately, TLC fans have been giving the group their side eye while looking at their proverbial watches as they wait for the album they donated to on Kickstarter to be made. Now, we have an update from group member Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Chilli explained her and T-Boz are diligently working on what they’re calling their last album. Their first day back in the studio was on Wednesday (Jan. 13).

“We’re trying to finish up the album, and after today, [it will be] day in, day out, just getting this album done,” she said. As for the direction and concept, expect some nuances of their 1995 mega album, CrazySexyCool. “I’ll just say this: We’re bringing back our interludes. We’ve come up with some really fun, funny stuff for people to enjoy,” she said.

And as for a release date? She couldn’t really say, but she did divulge, “We finally have a name for it, so we’re really happy about that.”

Last fall, fans began to get impatient with the slow process of getting the group’s fifth album out. Initially, the project was due out in September 2015, and then it was changed to October 2015. Both months went by with no album in sight, and fans are getting (understandably) concerned, even insinuating the whole thing was a scam. Fans donated $430,000, surpassing the target goal of $150,000.

In other Chilli news: she’s teamed up with fitness heavyweight Shaun T. for a new dance routine called “Cize,” and it’s complete with a high-energy song called “Body” (which you can listen to here).