Where’s The Kickstarter Album? TLC Slammed By Fans Who Feel They’ve Been Scammed

Earlier this year, TLC announced they were prepping their final album and went to Kickstarter to ask fans to financially be a part of it.

The group raised over $430,000 from fans eager to hear new music, including a $5000 donation from Katy Perry and $10,000 from New Kids on the Block (with whom they went on tour with this past spring).

Initially the project was due out in September 2015, and then it was changed to October 2015. Well, both months have come and gone with no album in sight, and fans are getting (understandably) concerned. In September, the group updated their Kickstarter page, saying the release date has been pushed back to next year: “We are moving the album back to 2016, so that we will have more time to finish the record the TLC way.”

But fans are calling the group scammers for not delivering on their promises…and their money. The outrage has spawned the new hashtag #TLCisGoingToJailParty. The straw that broke the camel’s back is when one fan, @NathanNAVY, tweeted T-Boz directly asking where the album is, and she took no responsibility for the missing LP.

“T-Boz where is my money? Y’all owe me $5 for that Kickstarter album. @TheRealTBOZ,” he tweeted. She replied, “@NathanNAVY Call Kickstarter and tell em to give it bk.”


The outrage spawned humorous memes and vines including the ones below.

Pebbles gone be at #TLCisGoingToJailParty like:

Everybody who donated to (T)elling (L)ies for (C)hecks… I mean TLC's Album KickStarter like:


All jokes aside, that’s truly jacked up. Fans need an official statement from the group.