Kyle Dion Feels Like He’s Running Out Of Time on New Single

Twenty-one-year-old Florida singer-songwriter Kyle Dion drops a new fun single called "Timed Out."

Kyle says the song "should make you feel happy" becuase it carries a light and sweet vibe. "I talk on the theory of relativity," Kyle Dion tells NYLON (who premiered the song), "how time is relative and from that perspective how funny it is that everyone is scared of running out of it."

Produced by French producer Oris Beats, Kyle Dion explains the making of the track: "When I heard it I was in my room and immediately started writing what became 'Timed Out.' The inspiration came from me trying to create and get content out there for my fans, fast. I wanted to give them this project ASAP and with that felt a little pressured of time, and then I realized… What is time really?"

"Timed Out" is the third single from Kyle Dion's forthcoming Painting Sounds EP, following "Get You Alone," and the first single “Another Life."