Singer/Songwriter Producer Fedarro Tells The ‘Story Of A Black Man’

Saint Louis-born singer-songwriter/producer Fedarro has recently dropped his project Better Late Than Never from which this gem stems.

“Story Of A Black Man” is a real, no holds-barred account of a what black men mentally and physically endure on a daily basis:

“Man it’s so hard to be a black man / we fight to stay alive, from day to day we just survive,” he sings on the chorus. He goes from painting the current situation to recounting some history on the bridge: “I said we started at the top now we’re here…at the bottom, oh great king where have you gone?”

Fedarro's passion for music grew quickly upon the incarceration of his father. This was his way of expressing his pain and emotions through this tough period. He then began producing music, and built an online production company in 2006 called Freqbeatz productions.

Purchase his album Better Late Than Never above.