R. City Joins Fellow Virgin Islands Artist Verse Simmonds For Dancehall Remix of ‘Situationships’

Singer-songwriter Verse Simmonds and the Thomas brothers of R. City have been putting on for their birthplace, the Virgin Islands. The long-time friends have now teamed up for a Dancehall remix to Simmonds’ hit single “Situationships.” The Dancehall remix is produced by The Dictatorz and also features Orlando, FL singer Raheem.

“R.City and I are brothers from another mother!” Verse Simmonds tells LargeUp.com in their premiere of the remix. “We met when we were in middle school and have been best friends ever since.” The song provides an honest perspective on many relationships today, as Simmonds explores alternatives that could allow both parties to be more open about their intentions. “It has always been a plan of mine to create a full body of work specifically geared towards my Caribbean roots and you can expect a lot more from me in that vein in 2016," Simmonds says.

While R. City immigrated from St. Thomas to Atlanta, Simmonds has remained a nomad having spent time living in Florida, Los Angeles, and currently in Atlanta since leaving the Virgin Islands.