LaTocha Scott – 911

Following her buzz singles "What Is This?", “Driving,” and “Infatuation,” Latocha Scott drops another tune from her #TOCHMOBTHURSDAY' series called “911.”

Boasting with her raw vocal abilities, LaTocha tells the vivid story of a woman who feels betrayed and taken for granted when she catches her man in the act of cheating on her. Feeling broken, she painfully contemplates committing the crime of taking the man’s life.

“I parked the car, walked into the house / That’s when I notice the purse on the couch / It couldn’t be mine, cuz I carry Louis / An plus the license left inside confirmed it was Judy’s,” the ex-Xscape member sings on the first verse.

Juicy! Stream the rest of Latocha’s intriguing story and download above on Soundcloud.