Patti LaBelle and James Wright Land Holiday Cooking Special

Patti LaBelle and James Wright are the newest “it” team when it comes to cooking, pies, and holiday cheer.

Ever since Wright’s review of her sweet potato pies went viral, it’s been a rocket ride of the Wright. It’s now been revealed that the legend and her newest fan-friend/partner will host a holiday cooking special on the Cooking Channel.

This news comes after LaBelle invited Wright to her home for Thanksgiving, where the two sang and LaBelle showered Wright with gifts, including a Louis Vuitton bag. In an interview with People, Patti said, “It’s one of those blessed stories,” Patti told People. “For his birthday, which is Thanksgiving, we were at my home. I invited him to dinner before I even met him.”

However, the show was filmed before the holiday, and it was the first time they met each other in person. “It was his first time seeing me, so when he came into the kitchen, he saw me and my back was turned. He came up behind me, and he had on these beautiful leopard pants and a necklace,” the singer says. “We just had a love moment,” Patti told People.

The pair have become close, forming a mother and son relationship. “He’s such a larger than life person himself; he’s like my new son. It’s just a blessing when people come into your life like this, and you’re not expecting anything.”

Along with the cooking special (which should be en-ter-tain-ing!), the duo will also be performing together at an upcoming concert.

The special is set to air on December 16 at 8:30 ET on the Cooking Channel.