Joi Liaye – Timeline

Not everyone wants to get “cuffed” nor wants turn on the Netflix to “chill’ this winter season.

L.A. -by-way-of-Detroit singer/songwriter Joi Liaye is one of them. In what she says is her reason for not being able to Netflix and chill, Joi's single “Timeline” is a reflection of her mindset.

The mellow, Brandon Cordoba-produced song reflects on the "timeline" called life; you can either let people distract you, OR you can stay focused on what you're here to do. In this case, Joi is describing her experiences with men who want her time but she can't afford to get off track with the wrong one.?

“Now you tryna come and win my heart / But I'm focused on something different now / It's the right guy wrong time / Ain't that how the story go,” she sings.

Joi has put in many hours recording demos and writing hits for other artists. After years of being behind the scenes, Joi is gaining recognition from her successful-up-and-coming acting career in film, TV, and commercials, and has gained an international following. Her music is honest, calming and aimed to touch hearts of listeners. Currently, Joi is planning the release of her EP in 2016.

Download "Timeline" on Joi's Bandcamp above: