[Exclusive] Keke Wyatt Talks New Single ‘Sexy Song’, Family, Fetty Wap, & More

We saw that KeKe Wyatt had a talented voice when at age fifteen she recorded "My First Love" with singer Avant, a remake of the classic ballad originally recorded by Rene & Angela. Her other hit singles to follow included "Saturday Love", another classic remake originally recorded by Alexander O'Neal; there was no stopping KeKe!

Then in 2012 we saw her as a cast member in the reality show "R&B Divas: Atlanta." Now, with a new baby, a new body, and a new album on the way, brace yourself for KeKe Wyatt's new single "Sexy Song" (purchase above). "I wanna let the women know you can still be sexy and be a mommy and good wife and all that stuff" she states in our interview Wednesday (Nov 18).

KeKe has her own label and is doing things her way. Check out what she had to tell us in this one on one interview with Singersroom. (We were pressed for time but stay tuned for a part two with the release of the album).

Singersroom: KeKe Wyatt how are you?

KW: I’m good, I am very well, I’m blessed and highly favored, and I can’t complain about it.

Singersroom: I know that’s right.

KW: (Laughs) Yes

Singersroom: Where are you right now?

KW: I am in New York today. I just left Philly and now I’m in New York, and I am promoting my new single that will be available on iTunes everywhere on the 20th that is the day after tomorrow.

Singersroom: I know, and we are waiting on it.

KW: (Laughs) Thank you. Good, it’s called "Sexy Song" and it’s already been added to radio and everything and I got a new album coming out the beginning of the year.

Singersroom: Well we thank you for taking this time to speak with us as I know we don’t have much time for this interview, but we would like to get a part two when you’re available, and we will make this short and sweet.

KW: Absolutely, Ok

Singersroom: Talk to us about the single and let us know what we can expect on the upcoming album?

KW: Well.. You can expect a whole lot. Um, more of what I wanted to do since I have my own label, so I can do whatever I wanna do.

Singersroom: What’s the name of your label?

KW: Aratek Entertainment, which is Ketara spelled backwards (laughs) .. My name … and it’s with me and Michael Jamar, my husband / manager… and um on my single “Sexy Song," I basically wanna let women know that you can be sexy and I have eight children so I wanna let them know that you can still be sexy and be a mommy and good wife and all that good stuff.

Singersroom: Yes, absolutely and we see that, and you’ve proven that, KeKe.

KW: Awww… Thank you

Singersroom: And on that note how is it that you’re able to manage to balance both motherhood and a career so successfully?

KW: If I could be honest?

Singersroom: Definitely.

KW: I really don’t even know…I just do… it just…It’s just kind of like… you know how you just wake up, and you’re breathing…. It’s like that… I wake up, and I’m a mommy and then I go to work and do what I gotta do…so…of course with the help of family and my husband and all that, too.

Singersroom: Yes, that’s always good to have that support.

KW: Yep.

Singersroom: KeKe, we know you as a talented songwriter.

KW: Thank you.

Singersroom: Do you play a musical instrument as well?

KW: Oh Yeah, I play piano, organ, I can play a little bass, a little guitar, I play drums, I love drums, the Cajon, I can kinda go on and on…

Singersroom: The what? Did you say bassoon?

KW: (laughs) No, the Cajon.

Singersroom: Oh the Cajon, what is that?

KW: Yea, its another type of drum…It’s like a box that you sit on top of, and you play, and it can sound just like a set of drums if you play it right.

Singersroom: Well with the single “Sexy Song” you tease us with the snippet, and I hope we can get you to sing a little more before we close this interview.

KW: Uhhhhhh….I don’t know about that… (Laughs)

Singersroom: (Laughs) Ok, But as far as the rest of the album and what you’re working on in the studio now. Are there any collaborations that you’re working on or any producers to speak of?

KW: This album, I really didn’t have a lot of people on there. Sometimes you just wanna buy somebody’s album, and it’s just them.

Singersroom: I understand that

KW: Everybody gets’s caught up on the “who’s on there” and all that stuff…you know? And then I’m telling a story so it’s my story.

Singersroom: Exactly, I feel that. We have to do a part two.

KW: Oh definitely…sure.

Singersroom: I know we’re running out of time. Who is KeKe Wyatt listening to? What’s on your playlists?

KW: I love Jasmine Sullivan, I love Dorinda Clark, I love Kim Burrell.

Singersroom: Ok, all talented voices.

KW: Uh Huh…. Um….don’t laugh.. but I like Fetty Wap.. (giggles)

Singersroom: (Laughs) I know you asked me not to laugh ..(laughs)… but that came out of nowhere after naming the other artists, so it was pretty funny…

KW: (Laughs) No I mean seriously.

Singersroom: I know, I like him too. He’s got something right?

KW: I really like him… I think he’s dope….and oh my goodness yes he’s got something, and the list kinda goes on. And I really love Shania Twain, I listen to her all the time and I love Tamar, her voice is beautiful.

Singersroom: Ok cool… I noticed in your bio you list as some of your influences, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, and Ella Fitzgerald and these are not only outstanding voices but also legendary… so ….What in particular influences you with these voices?

KW: The anointing, their anointing connects to mine.

Singersroom: Wow that’s awesome, good stuff!

KW: It’s real…

Singersroom: Yes, So we are looking forward to the single dropping this Friday, November 20th ….

KW: Thank you.

Singersroom: You sure you don’t wanna give us a little live couple bars of “Sexy Song”?

KW: (laughs) NOOOOOO…… Maybe on pt 2…. (laughs)

Singersroom: Ok we’re gonna let that be and hold you to that (laughs)…

KW: Ok (giggles)

Singersroom: Well KeKe… we thankfully appreciate your time and you sharing your many talents with the world and we look forward to Pt 2. We wish you all the best with the single and album.

KW: Thank you so much.

Singersroom: Please keep in touch with us and let us know how you’re doing and what you’re doing.

KW: Absolutely.

Singersroom: God Bless you, and again, we appreciate your time.

KW: Thank you, you too.