LaTocha – Driving

LaTocha is full steam forward with her viral movement, TochMob Thursdays, in which she will gift songs to fans that will not appear on her forthcoming album.

This week's release is the sensual and smooth "Driving," an intimate cut about getting busy while riding. Of course, LaTocha's hypnotic delivery and heartstrings-pulling emotions leave no room for dislike.

"I've been promising my fans a free album titled 'TNTB,' which stands for "Truth in the Booth" for quite some time now. I don't want to rush because I want to give my fans a great body of work, so I've decided to share songs that I've recorded during this process," LaTocha previously stated.

She added, "This will provide a better understanding of how hard I'm working to give them an album that reflects how I feel music should sound coming from me at this point in my life."

Also, check out last week's hard-hitting release, "Alarm."

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