Atlanta’s Victor Jackson Draws Inspiration From ‘The Wiz’ In ‘Bus of Love’ Visual

Atlanta choreographer, vocalist and actor, Victor Jackson offers an emotional-yet-whimsical video inspired by "The Wiz" for his single, "Bus of Love."

Waiting for a bus can be an anxiety-ridden experience. Whether it's a ride to school or work, your destination is the ultimate goal. You check your watch every other minute, looking around the corner for any sign of it on the horizon. The wait for love can carry the same burden, and Victor Jackson explores that parallel on Bus of Love produced by The Whatley.

Directed by Ashe Monique, the "Bus of Love" visual follows four friends on one journey that seeks matters of the heart as the final destination. As The Tin Man, Victor Jackson patiently waits for his opportunity to get to love. Joining Jackson on the journey are celebrity hairstylist and fashion correspondent, Derek J as The Lion, producer The Whatley as The Scarecrow/ Dri Jack, and R&B Princess of his label imprint, Glam Rock Soul, as Dorothy

This offering is the first single from Jackson’s upcoming EP Three Decades set to release in the summer of 2016.