Willie Taylor – Thought I Knew Myself

“Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” co-star and former Day 26 member Willie Taylor releases his emotional ballad, “Thought I Knew Myself.”

Premiering on last week's episode of #LHHH2, the song expresses regret after a breakup. “I’m in a state of confusion cause I caused you to leave / I thought I knew myself better than that,” he croons on the chorus.

The song has a soulful, doo-woppy feel (thanks to producer Jay Josh), and Taylor admits the reason is that he admires the greats. "Inspired Stevie Wonder, R. Kelly and Sam Cooke, I have a real strong passion for RnB music, and I feel that in a day and age where we don't have enough of real RnB songs, I wanted to bring the fans something that they were missing, says Willie. "I truly believe that what comes from the heart reaches the hearts of others, and this one is truly from the heart," he adds.

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