Season 11 ‘American Idol’ Finalist Joshua Ledet Explains What ‘Love Can Do’ On New Single

Season eleven “American Idol” finalist Joshua Ledet may not have won that season (coming in third place), but he’s making his own lane.

The Louisiana-bred soul singer has released his single and video for “Love Can Do,” what he calls an “ode to love and the value in its many manifestations.”

About the song and video, Ledet tells Eurweb, “I want people to hear the message and not just the music. Some people tend to fall in love with the music and melody of a song and sometimes overlook the actual message in the song. I’m wanting the entire world to understand what I’m saying.”

He said the video captures vastness of the world in which we live, a reminder to remain grounded and humble. “The director and I wanted to show complete isolation in a beautiful area. I believe this showed everyone how small we actually are in this world. The earth is so big, and each person is like a grain of sand on a beach. It’s sort of humbling, and it could keep you grounded if you understood.”

Be inspired by Ledet’s message and voice.