Ashanti Faces Longtime Stalker In Court…Again

The scary saga continues…

In December 2014, Ashanti faced her stalker Devar Hurd in court which ended in mistrial by judge Daniel Conviser after making several attempts to contact the sick female juror, who made it difficult for the panelist to deliberate. Well, the prosecutors were able to file another case against Hurd, which bring us to now.

According to Page Six, Ashanti faced Hurd in court once again yesterday (Oct. 1). Hurd acted as his own lawyer and interrogated the singer as she sat on the stand, making for an uncomfortable exchange. Hurd brought up a tweet he sent to Ashanti in 2013, which violated a restraining order. “I tweeted at you, ‘Eating p—y from the back tastes better on a flight to Russia,’” “Do you know what I’m talking about?” he asked her on the stand in front of jurors and Justice Roger Hayes in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Ashanti replied, “Yeah, I saw the tweet, I saw a lot of these tweets as a result of this whole entire situation,” replied Ashanti. “Are all these tweets familiar because of the situation, and you repeatedly violating the law and having me come back here? Yes,” she testified.

She went on to tell the court that Hurd’s tweets are affecting her and her family’s lives. “This is something that has been in my life for a while, and it is interrupting what I’m doing, and I feel like it’s coming from such a malicious, evil place,” Ashanti said. “I have a career and family, and it’s taking a toll on us.” She also denied having an intimate relationship with 36-year-old Hurd when asked by prosecutor Rachel Ehrhardt, saying, “Absolutely not, never ever.” She denied even meeting him in person until last December in court.

But Page Six reports that Hurd, acting as his own lawyer, grilled the singer about a meeting in Chicago in 2003. “Back in 2003, we didn’t meet in Chicago? We didn’t meet at that event, you had on white pants, a bikini-type top?” he asked, to which Ashanti calmly replied, “I didn’t meet you.”

Hurd was convicted in 2009 of stalking and harassment after sending explicit shots to Ashanti’s mother, sending explicit tweets to the singer, and taking a photo with her younger sister in October 2012, violating the restraining order.