Tamar Braxton – Circles

October 2nd is quickly approaching, and Tamar Braxton releases another promo track, this one called "Circles," from her upcoming album, Calling All Lovers.

The song (prodcued by Dabenchwarma and follows the previously-released “Catfish”, “King” and “Angels & Demons”), is a doo-woppy ballad about her frustrations in her relationship: “I can’t keep going in circles, round and round with you,” she reveals.

About the song, Tamar told Billboard during a summer interview,You make up, you break up, you catch them in a lie, you take them back, you don’t know how you got back in the situation again. I had been through it 100,000 times before I met Vince. After I finished recording, I wept, not just cried — wept, honey! Men are terrible until you find one that’s great and he annoys you for different reasons."

Purchase "Circles" and pre-order Calling All Lovers on iTunes above.