Guordan Banks – Keep You In Mind

Guordan Banks petitions your ears for his sensual and soulful new single, "Keep You In Mind." On the captivating offering, the Philadelphia R&B singer-songwriter will give you goosebumps as he triumphantly delivers passionate tales and melodies of love.

"Don't run, I got so much for you / I know you feel the love that's in the air," Guordan croons.

Guordan is readying his debut project, A Song for Everyone, set to be released on his own label, Bank On It Entertainment. The set will capture his range of vision with music for the soul, the mind and the bedroom.

"I've never been more excited in my life about my career and the opportunities that I have as an independent artist," he says. "It's an exciting thing to be able to be a CEO of your own company, put out your own music while controlling your content and giving opportunities to others. It's definitely a dream come true."

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