Angie Stone and Daughter Hash Out Dispute on ‘The T.D. Jakes Show’ (Teaser)

Earlier this year, Angie Stone was arrested after a physical fight with her 31-year-old daughter, Diamond. The gist of the spat was that Angie reprimanded Diamond (who lived with Angie at the time) for not cleaning up after her children. Angie says Diamond then attacked her, to which she defended herself by hitting her daughter in the face with a metal stand, knocking her tooth out.

Now, Angie and her daughter are trying to hash out their broken relationship on (semi) national TV. On today’s episode of “T.D. Jakes Show,” Diamond and Angie spoke about the incident for the first time publicly.

In the clip below, the chat gets heated as mother and daughter discuss their strained communication. Diamond says, “Before you sit here and tell the world that I cursed you out, tell them why,” to which Angie replies, “But you don’t listen. I’m your mother and you never listen. But Diamond, I’m your mother.”

“The T.D. Jakes Show” is currently in its test run in four cities Atlanta (2 p.m), Cleveland (3 p.m), Minneapolis (2 p.m) and Dallas (3 p.m ) until Sept 11th.

Peep the clip below:

In other Angie Stone news, the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter is planning a new album for this November titled Dream.