Lion Babe – Impossible

They already created a major buzz with their self-titled EP, now the funky New York duo Lion Babe is amping up their stock with a new single titled "Impossible."

It’s a fun, up-tempo tune that has lead singer Jillian confidently claiming her unstoppable aura. “You think I’m obtainable / You see, I’m untamable / You think you know about me, what you know about me? / I got things I could say that would probably change your view,” she sings.

Once again, Lion Babe brings forth lyrical content about confidence and inner-strength; just listen to “Wonder Woman,” “Jump Hi,” and “Treat Me Like Fire.”

This tune has mass appeal; I can most definitely see this being used by a company for a fun commercial advertisement!

Purchase “Impossible” when it becomes available on July 24th.