Eric Bellinger – Creep ft. T-Boz

Eric Bellinger always gets creative with his flips and responses to other songs, and this time he has one of the original members on the track!

As a response to TLC’s 1994 hit “Creep,” Bellinger enlists one of the members T-Boz to accompany him on the male reply which has him stating intentions of remaining faithful.

Bellinger's version of "Creep" utilizes the jazzy horns from Dallas Austin’s original track and updates it to create a contemporary jam. “I would never creep on you,” Bellinger sings while T-Boz cosigns by singing in her signature, low timber, “One of these hoes should not be an option.”

Bellinger said in a statement that having T-Boz on the track is a blessing. “I’m really big on my features making sense rather than just throwing random artists on songs just to say we collabed. When I heard the ‘Creep’ flip I immediately knew I had to at least try to get T-Boz on it since that was her solo song with legendary female pop group TLC!!! Luckily, when she heard the record she loved it! Hopefully the fans will too!”