Vivian Green – I’m Not Broken

Today (July 10), Philly songstress Vivian Green’s new album, Vivid, becomes available for preorder (above), and so does another song called "I'm Not Broken."

It’s an empowering anthem for anyone who has ever been dumped, but it didn’t affect you emotionally because your guard was up anyway. She sings, “You didn’t break my heard, you just bent it / It’s like it never happened, but I’m not broken.”

About Vivid, Green told Singersroom in a recent interview, “Vivid already means full of life, full of energy, real, and it's just appropriate for the music on this album. The single on the album, "Get Right Back to my Baby," has an upbeat energy. There are some ballads on there of course, but, this album is more up-tempo. It's more than what I did in the past, but it's soulful and R&B. Vivid is very fitting for the album, and it's just a whole new sound.”

Vivid will arrive on Aug 7. Rock out with Vivian!