[Premiere] Candice Anitra – Narcissus

Last we heard from Brooklyn indie singer-songwriter Candice Anitra was back in 2013 when she released the collaborative project with conscious rapper Mustafa Shakir called The Love Machine Project.

Now, she’s readying the release of a new solo project, a double EP titled Narcissus / Echo. This is the premiere single titled "Narcissus,” after the Greek mythological character who saw his reflection in the water and fell in love with it. The concept is Anitra addressing how our actions affect how events transpire in our lives. “Narcissus is self-reflective. It’s understanding how the same patterns keep coming up in life and how you contribute to that,” she explains.

Regarding the dual EP, Narcissus houses all new tracks while Echo is comprised of previously released tracks, like a “best of” from her past indie releases. “The EPs are mirrors into the dark spots and the shadowed self,” she explained. The project addresses the society we have become. “We need to talk,” she proposes. “We need to be uncomfortable for a little bit.”

Narcissus / Echo will arrive on July 17. Stream the title track Narcissus and preorder the dual project above!