Open Discussion: Omarion Checks Fan Over Use of N-Word (Who Makes a Better Point?)

Omarion was not too happy with a fan who slammed him for "degrading your own race." A few days ago, the R&B singer-songwriter uploaded the above photo on his Instagram page with the caption: "Lil nigga but Lion hearted."

A white fan, who had a problem with O using the N-word, coming on the photo with a call to "stop."

"Can't handle when a white man says nigger but you call yourself and all your other African Americans NIGGAS? Common bro," wrote the fan. "Time to stop degrading your own race."

Apparently, Omarion took the comment as an insult and unleashed an open letter to the fan before deleting his comment.

"Let me educate you, you fool of a man. "White men" created this negative, nasty, derogatory term "nigger" that "WE" as in [black people] turned into a term of endearment, orientation, & brotherhood, so f*ck no! You can't call me a nigger or nigga," Omarion writes.

He continued: "You don't have the cultural stripes nor possess the ethnic background to do so. U don't have the residue of oppression, slavery & racism lingering in the marrow of ur genetic code. So just double tap & keep it movin' bro, U have no business sticking ur ignorant perspective in the lions den."

The "N-Word" is always a difficult topic to debate because responses are usually emotional and passionate. In this case, I don't think the fan was coming at Omarion. He merely pointed out a fact, we as a "black people" need to respect ourselves in order to harvest respect from others.

As an African American, I personally disagree with Omarion's remarks about turning the "N-Word" into "endearment, orientation, & brotherhood." If you say what's good "nigga" while greeting a "brother," but turn around and say "f*ck you nigga" while killing another… Where's the brotherhood or endearment?

If the goal is to one day eradicate racism, we have to think about ALL people when we make judgments, observations, or comments of this magnitude, not just our individual race.

What do you guys think about this discussion Roomies? Is Omarion or the fan correct?


Photo via Instagram & The Shade Room

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