Elijah Blake – Uno

With June 23rd just around the corner, marking the release of his debut album, Shadows & Diamonds, Elijah Blake offers yet another tune from the opus called "Uno."

On the strong tune, Blake singles out his girl like she’s almost the winner of the famous card game: “You’re the only one,” he wails on the synth-driven track.

About the album, Blake told us in a recent interview that it was a long time coming, and a testament to staying true to himself:

“Feeling at times ashamed that I’m not hood enough, I’m not ignorant enough, that I’m not perpetuating this ignorant stereotype they put on black guys, like if you don’t talk about shooting people or slapping b*tches, then something is wrong with you. So that was the “shadows” part because I was really in a dark place and upset about it,” he explained. “Then finally, the ‘diamonds’ part was in my darkest time and choosing not to give up, seeing that little glimmer of hope, which is the diamond, and saying nah, I’m not gonna be ashamed because my mother worked two jobs to put me in a good school so that I can hold a conversation with a business man and not seem dumb or wet behind the ears. I owned it.”

Listen to Blake’s newest offering.