Chris Brown – Ghetto Tales (I Know You Wanna See)

Stray Chris Brown tracks keep coming out of the woodwork!

Earlier today, a heartfelt ballad “Right Now” surfaced, now another tune has popped up called “Ghetto Tales (I Know You Wanna See),” (even though the main title is probably “One Call”) and it’s a completely different Breezy than the one on the former tune; we all know Chris is a complicated man!

On “Ghetto Tales” Brown activates his flow skills as he gets turned up to the thought of a booty call/hook up. “Why you wanna keep a n*gga waiting? / F*ck a text message, call me,” he sings, eager to get the arty started as soon as possible.

This (along with “Right Now”) is probably a leak, so hurry and listen now before they make us take it down! lol