Dean – Here & Now ft. Mila J

Twenty-two year old Universal singer-songwriter Dean enlists Motown recording artist Mila J for his new single “Here and Now, a track that showcases his affinity to mix two sounds; in this case, Dean aimed for a smooth throwback 90s R&B sound embroidered with UK garage elements.

Dean says in release, “I’m more concerned with crafting a sound unique to me as an artist. Blending the elements of 90s R&B, hip hop, EDM, garage, indie rock. I want to construct a future R&B sound. There are lots of legendary artists like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Michael Jackson, the one thing that their work has in common is that it accurately reflects the times like no other artists can do. I want to capture the same exact sentiment in my own music. I want people to listen back to my music in the same way and be impacted.”

Produced by 2xxx!, the track underscores the dynamic hybridization of styles that is guaranteed to define Dean’s individual musical style.

Also be on the lookout soon for a follow-up song and video featuring Eric Belligner called “I’m Not Sorry,” a vibrant hip hop/ R&B club track with an undercurrent of DJ influences.