Melanie Fiona – Bite the Bullet

Melanie Fiona is back!

The Canadian-bred singer offers up the warm, soulful, reggae single "Bite the Bullet," a tune that harkens to her Caribbean heritage that has Fiona accepting the decision to leave an unfulfilling relationship.

“I remember when you said you loved me, three little words that burned into my soul, maybe you didn’t mean those things you told me, maybe you didn’t mean those things at all, / But I’ll bite the bullet,” she sings.

"Bite the Bullet" is from her upcoming third studio album Awake, which follows her 2012 album, The MF Life. The set will arrive via Title 9 Productions / Primary Wave this fall.

"I am so excited to be partnering with Primary Wave for the release of my third album. The journey from my last project to this moment has been graced with many moments of happiness, vulnerability, strength, and ultimately, growth," explains Melanie. "I am looking forward to sharing my personal and musical evolution with the world."

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Good stuff!