[EXCLUSIVE] Coco Jones Talks New Single, Acting On Disney, Finishing High School, Family, More

While most seventeen-year-old girls are focused on prom dates, senior dues, college applications, impressing the most popular boy in school, or getting their driver's license, singer and actress, Coco Jones is launching her career in music and television. The Tennessee native began singing and acting at a young age. Jones was featured on Maury Povich's show when she performed live on "The Most Talented Kids" episode. She starred in Disney's original movie, "Let It Shine" and had a recurring role in the Disney shows "Good Luck Charlie" and "The Random." Jones also completed projects in music, including touring with Mindless Behavior and Austin Mahone, and released her debut single, "Holla at the DJ," which received 3.4 million views.

Currently, Jones is promoting her latest single, "Let 'Em Know," and is working on her debut album. Singersroom spoke with the Southern beauty about music, working with Disney, school, acting, and more.

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Working on the Debut Album: It's still a lot in the works, and it's a growing process for me. We're boggling down the final set of songs we want to have on the album. It's a work in progress; it's untitled because it's still very up and coming.

Signing to Hollywood Records: I started working with the Disney Channel when I was nine years old. I became an actress for Disney, went to auditions and started connecting with casting. And after I competed on Radio Disney, they asked me if I wanted to be signed on the label for music, and I agreed. Everything just came together with Disney.

"Let It Shine" Film and working with actor Tyler James Williams: Starring in my first movie was great because I was surrounded by so many talented people. It was so remarkable because they gave me their input if I had any questions or needed help with anything. It was my best experiences. Working with Tyler was awesome because he is into his craft and making sure everything is proper and on point. He just takes acting to the next level, and he is so funny. He is funny to the point where you would start crying.

"Let 'Em Know" Single: It's a summer anthem and everyone is getting ready for the summer. I know everyone was waiting for a while for a new single and so I wanted to make a carefree record. The song is very down to earth, fun, and catchy.

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Essence's Feature 35 Under 35: Young, Black, and Amazing: Essence sent an email to my team and, of course, it was an amazing experience. It was great that they featured me, but it didn't really click to me yet. I feel like I have so much more that I need to do, but I was shocked and humble at the same time. I was humbled because being featured in Essence magazine was huge.

Acting: There is more acting for me, but right now my goal is to finish high school. It's my senior year, and I was always told education comes first so I have to finish. It's important for me to take it seriously. After I finish high school, I'll have more time for my music and acting because I will be open for more roles.

Balancing Career with School: At times, it can be really stressful and when it gets too much, I take my hands off of it and go to the movies or something. I received so much support from my family, which is important. I have a relationship with the Lord and I know not to step on his toes because He has everything in control. I know He is watching over me, so I think life is too short to be stressing over things.

The Future: I have so many goals; there's so many things that I want to accomplish because I don't necessarily feel like I made it just yet. I have so many goals in my mind that I want to make a reality. But, keep your eyes on me because there's more to come. I am on tour this summer as well so look out for that. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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