Coco Jones – Let ‘Em Know

Last we heard from Coco Jones, she was fresher than a “Peppermint,” now she’s back with the new single, "Let 'Em Know," and she’s still pretty fresh, if you ask me!

Surrounded by her girls, Coco makes it clear that she doesn’t want you to call her, she’ll call you instead. “If I want you, I’ll let you know,” she sings on the song produced by Thaddeus Dixon. The video is youthful, fun, hip, and full of choreography and sass.

"I knew instantly that 'Let Em Know' would be a great record for me and would help to take my career to the next step," Jones told Billboard. "It took me a moment to figure out my sound and I can't wait to share it with the world."

Jones dropped the 2013 EP Made Of, headed by the fun single “Holla At The DJ.” You may also recognize her from her prominent role in the Disney Channel movie Let It Shine, as well as the TV show Good Luck Charlie.