Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Can I

The magic that Cleveland vocalist Alina Baraz and Danish producer Galimatias make is palpable…they rarely make a bad track. From their forthcoming album Urban Flora, the duo releases this gem “Can I.”

It’s dreamy and soulful, and interestingly enough, inspired by Hip-Hop. "I've always been inspired by hip-hop and I feel like it's reflected in tracks like this as it is in essence the same 4-bar chord progression, but with a heavy focus on sound design to add elements that'll keep it engaging throughout," Galimatias explained to Fader. “I wanted to enhance this soft, alluring vibe she created, while the chorus is more contrasting with hard-hitting drums. I love to work like that, having a motive in the frame so to say, cause then I can really focus on the background around it."

Alina and Galimatias always make music that makes you want to get lovey AND meditiate at the same time…

Look out for Urban Flora on May 19 and get "Can I" on iTunes on April 28th.