Lina Loi – Dip

Texas-born, L.A. residing soulstress Lina Loi releases her single “Dip,” a song with all the trimmings of a classic Motown gem, all we need is a signature dance to go with it!

The sassy tune has Lina brushing off the lackluster treatment she’s been receiving from her man: “And If you don’t know you got a good good, something must be wrong with your head / I know I got it, if you can live without it, and aint nobody got time to care….It’s a great big world out there, don’t make me dip,” she sings.

Lina’s been in the game since 2001 when she dropped her debut album Stranger On Earth which turned out the US single “It’s Alright.” Lina released her third album Morning Star independently in February
2008 on her label, MoodStar Recordings.

"With so much technology, there are a lot of producer-driven artists," says Lina. “The result is that tracks have become the meat versus the lyrics. And it's become more about manufacturing mass-produced recordings. It can be difficult to be original, but I've always put passion into my writing and performing. I just let the music that's inside of me flow out."

“Dip” will be available for sale digitally May 12th. Stay tuned for her album coming in summer 2015.

Souldside Prodcuctions/Topnotch Music