Top 5 R&B Singers Who Currently Receive The Most Hate

Having millions of fans is a beautiful thing, but when you conjoin that with millions of haters, life can be very stressful at times. It seems like in this business of music, if you’re not worshiped like a God or Goddess, you’re one mistake away from a slumping career. Add a few more f**k ups to that pot and your luxury lifestyle could take a hard beating, leading to daunting results.

In our “5 R&B Singers Who Currently Receive The Most Hate” list, we spotlight artists, who were beloved by many during the launch of their careers, but a few incidents led to some career adversities.

We examined commenting on previous stories, social media postings, and hearsays to gather data on choosing our top 5. Hopefully, if a hater is reading this, they will have a lighter heart when judging someone else.

Check out our list!

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