Is There A New Edition Biopic Coming Soon? Indie Film Director Bobby Huntley Hopes So! (Trailer)

With all the R&B-themed biopic as of lately (TLC, Aaliyah, and Whitney Houston), are you ready for yet another one? Independent director Bobby Huntley hopes you have room for one more, as he aspires to make a film about the beloved R&B group New Edition called NE Heartbreak: The New Edition Story.

The film isn’t set in stone yet, but to gain support and raise awareness, Huntley put together a trailer, and it looks pretty legit! In the beginning of the trailer, Huntley says, “I put together this trailer/sizzle reel because I’ve always wanted to bring the New Edition story to life. Hopefully you guys like it. Hopefully the NE camp will like it and consider me and my team to help bring this story out to the world.”

After you check out the trailer below, peep the official website here to learn more about Huntley, the project, and more.

After watching the trailer and seeing what Huntley could do with the story-telling, casting, etc., would you like to see a film about New Edition be made?