Celebrating Black History Month: Top 10 U.S. States Based on Their Contributions to Music

Everyone knows that music is universal and it's a central component in American culture. In the song, "Music," written by pop legend Madonna, she says, "Music makes the people come together," which exemplifies how this art affects people or things in this world.

Music is a creative art form for singers, arrangers, composers, producers, rappers, and more to express themselves freely. Music is defined as an agreeable sound that has structure and continuity. Music is indicated in such a way that it produces beautiful harmonies and rhythmic tones and it has the ability to bring out the artist's emotions in a four or five minute song.

But have we ever thought about the states that has played such an important role in music? There are popular music venues and/or artists, who have paved the way for other artists to have successful careers in the industry. So for Black History Month, Singersroom decided to acknowledge the Top 10 states that are considered to be the "building blocks" for artists to have longevity in their careers.

Each state shows a great variety of musical sounds and we list them one by one.

Here is our list!

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