Epic – Hold On ft. B Simms (En Vogue Cover)

Rising band/quartet Epic (Edgy People Impacting Culture) release the video for their single "Hold On," a new-aged rendition of En Vogue's classic '90s hit. In conjunction with production by Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs (who also manages the group), members Monie, Yei, Stixx and Blue encompasses the same sass evoked by En Vogue, but update the classic tune, making it their own. Louisville, KY rapper B. Simms adds a fly, modern twist.

Epic was discovered singing acapella in Atlanta’s Lenox Mall by Co-CEO of Dynasty Records, Doe Henderson: “The girls walked passed me and when I saw them and they didn’t look like some regular girls just walking in the mall, I actually said to myself they must sing. So about 10 minutes later, I heard them downstairs singing and they had the whole mall’s attention…I went and introduced myself and gave them my card, and the rest is history.”

The ladies have been performing together since they were toddlers with backgrounds in church choir, theatrical film, acting, ballet, musical training and modeling. The members also play instruments; Monie on piano, Yei on lead guitar, Stixx on the drums and keys, and Blue on the bass. The rise of the R&B/Pop girl band is underway!

The learn more about Epic and its members, check out their website epicofficial.com