India Shawn – Outer Limits ft. James Fauntleroy

It’s been almost a year since Atlanta-based artist India Shawn and Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter James Fauntleroy’s “Floating Away” graced our electronic pages, teasing our eardrums with what’s to come from their joint project Outer Limits.

Now the two have returned with the title-song from the project, “Outer Limits.” Over a twangy, 80s-like groove, India and James harmonize while singing positive vibes: “What if I told you the edge is a place? / Yeah it’s a place in your heart right over the outer limits,” they sing.

"'Outer Limits' was the first song we created for this [EP]… I went straight to the studio from LAX, and James asked where I wanted to go with the project,” Shawn tells The Juice. “My immediate response was, 'The outer limits!' He was like, 'You sure about that?' And no more than 20 minutes later he was free-styling what would be the title track to our project." Shawn suggests that all the songs developed this way — "we just let it happen organically."

Look out for the Outer Limits EP to arrive in March and pre-order the project here.