[EXCLUSIVE] Singersroom Personals: Kat Dahlia Talks Smoking, Drinking and The Star-Spangled Banner

Kat Dahlia today, is a mature young woman who works hard to meet her personal and musical goals. The Miami-based singer-songwriter, whom has been dealt her fair share of personal struggles, unleashed her debut album, My Garden, last week. Led by singles “Gangsta” and “Crazy,” the set showcases the 24-year-old’s unique musical delivery, organic sound, and diverse musical influences.

In the latest episode of Singersroom’s video series, “Personals,” Kat Dahlia takes viewers back to her high school graduation and replays why her graduating class was one of the most “obnoxious” class ever.

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“I got chosen to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” for my high school graduation. The day of graduation comes, and I guess I had skipped so much that year that I wasn’t there that day that they gave out Cap and Gown,” Kat recalls. “…I think I got like a hundred bucks from my dad that morning for a graduation present, so I put gas in his car, I bought a little 20 sack of weed, we rolled up a blunt, picked up the Cap and Gown, stole a couple bottles of wine…, and started getting kinda turnt right before the performance."

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Although drunk and high, Kat Says she still delivered a great performance.

“I ended up singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” really twisted, but it actually came out really good, everybody in the crowd gave me a standing ovation.”

We’re not sure Kat’s Principal had the same sentiment.

“At the end of it, the Principal said we were the most obnoxious class… apparently I set the tone for that one,” she says.

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