Jagged Edge – Love Come Down

Jagged Edge headed their sequel LP, JE Heartbreak II, with the first single “Hope,” now they’re back to follow it up with "Love Come Down” as the second installment.

On the soothing track, which samples A. B. Sure!’s "Naturally Mine," Brandon and Brian Casey, Kyle Norman and Richard Wingo activate their signature romantic vibes…things women wanna hear!

"We write in a conversational way lyrically and try to sing in the way we would speak to a woman," Brandon tells Billboard of his and twin Brian's songwriting technique. "That's probably the biggest secret ingredient: not being afraid to be naked emotionally. 'Yeah, I love the hell out of this woman' or 'Yeah, I hurt like hell.'"

As parts of the country is being blasted by “Blizzard 2015,” cuddle up with bae and press play on “Love Come Down.”

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