Elle Varner – Where Your Man Is?

Like a public announcement for relationships, Elle Varner asks, “It’s nine o’clock on Sunday night, do you know where your man is?”

Elle is still continuing to work on her sophomore effort, 4 Letter Word, and she lets loose this stray tune (which will or won’t make the set’s tracklist) called “Where Your Man Is.” On the Sham “Sak Pase” Joseph-produced tune, Varner makes sure women are proactive when it comes to being aware of their S/O’s whereabouts.

Elle talked to Fashionably-Early.com about if she’s ever had to warn a female friend about her toxic boyfriend: “I was once hellbent that my friends boyfriend was a cheater and when I tried tell her, our relationship suffered,” Varner said. “We almost ‘broke up’ [laughs] but eventually she found out for herself and we made amends. I have learned to stay out of it in general unless I’m asked…but if it’s a situation like in this song, where a girl is coming to me with accusations about her man, I would lay out the facts and tell her to take a closer look at him!”

Take heed to Elle’s warning…